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DC Electronic Load


Stemming from the design and manufacture demands of electronic industries, GW Instek offers diverse power supply product lines to meet user’s demand for a variety of applications. Based on different needs, the product lines can be divided into several categories including DC Power Supply, AC Power Source and DC Electronic Load.

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DC Electronic Load

DC Electronic Load (PEL 2000)


• Sequence function to do high Efficient load simulations
• Flexible configuration with mainframes and plug-in modules
• Multiple independent load inputs up to 8 channels in a mainframe
• Parallel connection of inputs for increased load capacity
• Parallel connection of inputs for static and dynamic tests
• Multiple channels run for dynamic tests under one clock control
• Maximum rated power for low range high resolution CC tests
• Von setting and Von on/off for start-up Von tests
• Program mode to create work routines for repetitive tests
• OPP/OCP/OVP/OTP protections
• External channel control/monitoring via an analog control connector
• Multi-Interface USB Device / Host, RS-232C, and GPIB (Optional)
• Multi-mainframe link up to 5 mainframes in a system

DC Electronic Load

DC Electronic Load (PEL 3000)


• Operating voltage (DC)???1.5V~150V
• Operating Mode : C.C / C.V / C.R / C.P / CC CV / CR CV / CP CV
• Parallel Connection of Inputs for Higher Capacity (Max : 9,450W)
• Support of High Slew Rate???Max 16A/us
• Run Program Function???GO/NO GO Test???
• Sequence Function for High Efficient Load Simulations
• Commands are compatible with Kikusui PLZ-4W model.
• Dynamic(Switching) Function???0.0166Hz ~20kHz
• Soft Start Function???Off / On(1~200ms, Res???1ms)
• Adjustable OCP / OVP / OPP / UVP Setting
• Short Circuit Function
• Timer function : Elapsed Time of load on
• Cut Off Time(Auto Load Off Timer ) ??? 1s to 999h 59min 59s or Off
• External Channel Control / Monitoring via Analog Control Connector
• Setup Memories???100 sets
• 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display
• Multi Interface : USB 2.0 Device / Host , RS-232 , GPIB (Optional)